A Net-Zero Carbon Fuels Future

View of Municipal Solid Waste on two conveyor belts from the side
We aim to produce renewable, drop-in transportation fuels at scale from an abundant and low-cost source that doesn't need to be grown or pulled from a well: household garbage.

Define the Opportunity

We're committed to tackling two significant global challenges - providing the aviation industry with clean, sustainable aviation fuel to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from petroleum fuel and reducing the amount of waste we dispose of in our landfills.

Identify a Scalable Solution

Our solution is to develop a proprietary and proven process for converting landfill waste into net-zero carbon transportation fuels including sustainable aviation and diesel.

Build a Long-Term Growth Plan

We're developing a network of fuel plants that together can produce hundreds of millions of gallons of clean transportation fuels each year.

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We're set to produce clean fuels from garbage today - and we are positioned for growth around the world

We've identified more than ten future plant locations in the U.S. with the capacity to produce approximately 400 million gallons of renewable, net-zero carbon transportation fuel each year. And we're collaborating with international partners to bring our process and garbage-to-fuels process to select countries around the globe.


There is an abundant and growing supply of garbage in the U.S. and around the world. Along with an efficient and mature collection infrastructure, landfill waste represents an attractive feedstock source for the production of renewable transportation fuels.

FUEL Offtake Agreements

The aviation industry has set ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We've entered into strategic relationships with leaders in the aviation industry and have executed long-term fuel offtake agreements for the sale of sustainable aviation fuel.

Completed Plants & Plans

In 2022, we began fuel production at the world’s first commercial-scale plant converting household garbage into renewable transportation fuels. We’ve identified more than ten future plant locations in the U.S.

Growing Demand

Government policy around the world and a recognition of the need to decarbonize the airline sector has created growing demand for clean, drop-in transportation fuels like ours.

Smiling employee in a hardhat and protective glasses at a feedstock processing facility
"At Fulcrum, we believe that landfill waste is one of the great untapped resources for building a cleaner future, and we're helping build the future of net-zero carbon transportation fuels around the world."

Eric Pryor

President and CEO

Strategic Relationships

We’re proud to partner with the world’s leaders in the waste services, energy and aviation industries

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