Gary's green economy is poised for significant growth

Northwest Indiana Times, April 24, 2022

Gary’s green economy is poised to grow significantly in the coming years. The city’s leadership is advancing innovative solutions to create business and workforce opportunities in Gary while protecting and improving the health of its citizens and the environment.

A key element of the city’s plans is the development of a project called Fulcrum Centerpoint BioFuels, which would convert everyday household waste into low or no emission biojet fuel. This project, from California-based Fulcrum BioEnergy, would divert municipal solid waste (MSW) from landfills to generate a sustainable renewable transportation fuel for major companies like United Airlines.

When Gary introduced its Comprehensive Plan to address challenges in the city, it outlined five key areas for improvement: built environment, economy, nature, transportation and social context. In particular, Gary’s priorities for improving its “built environment” meant reducing abandoned and blighted properties and responsibly reusing vacant industrial areas.